DON'T LABEL is an exclusive clothing line based in London and Norway. Our creative director is the talented Instagrammer Kristy Lani and she inspires everything you see from DON'T LABEL.

As part of a collaboration with She Presents, Kristy Lani was motivated to start DON'T LABEL. She said 

"my love for fashion and my unique style has resulted to my followers always asking me for style tips and advice. This pushed me to start my own clothing line, to allow my followers to get a sense of my style and also share it with me"

We mix contemporary Instagram aesthetics with touches of high fashion, to bring you trendy, quality capsule collections. To avoid saturating the market, some of the pieces in our capsule collections are limited edition are once they sell out, they're gone forever!! So if you're seen wearing this item, everyone will know you're one of the few who were lucky to get their hands on the original!


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